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April 26, 2023

UW Libraries Video Contest Winners

The annual UW Libraries Student Video Contest asks students to create original videos showcasing the Libraries through the lens of student experience, and the 2023 results are in!  So many creative and compelling submissions were submitted! Congratulations to the first place winner, Ken Kavin, whose video showcased various UW students utilizing a plethora of UW Libraries resources. Between the excellent production quality and the heartfelt content, Kavin’s video definitely made the UW Libraries feel like “Our Second Home.” Additional congratulations to second and third place winners Carlos Alvarez and Zijie Chen, whose thoughtful and creative videos showcased the UW Libraries in unique and exciting ways–but don’t take our word for it, check them out below, and join us on social media to congratulate all of this year’s awardees and honorable mentions!

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First place | Our Second Home

Ken Kavin, expected graduation Spring 2024

This film follows the daily lives of UW affiliated individuals and highlights the idea that the UW Libraries truly are “Our Second Home.” The provision of endless resources and spaces allows the UW Libraries to be an integral part of your lives.

Second place | The Student’s Guide to the UW Libraries

Carlos Alvarez, expected graduation Fall 2023

The UW Libraries has an endless supply of resources to assist students on their academic journey. The stunning production quality and informative content encourages viewers to utilize the UW Libraries resources for research, assistance on essays, and for their overall success at the University of Washington.

Third place | #HashtagUWLibrary

Zijie Chen, expected graduation Spring 2023

You can truly feel the #LOVE from this film! Between the wide array of visual shots and short-but-sweet responses from participants, the love for the UW Libraries radiates through and out of this video.

Honorable mentions:

The UW Libraries

Jolie Tran, expected graduation Winter 2024

The visuals tell it all, in this film! With the use of motion graphics and highly digitalized production, everything you need to know about the UW Libraries’ available resources is on the screen.

UW Library Video Games

Nina Okubo, expected graduation Spring 2024

This creative submission highlights a resource offered by the UW Libraries that is not often discussed. In addition to providing academic support, the UW Libraries also offers recreational resources for students. This lighthearted film uses creative graphics to share the availability of UW Libraries for activities beyond the scope of academics.

The I HEART UW Libraries Student Video Contest takes place annually in February. If you missed this year’s contest, bookmark this page and save the date for next year! A special thank you to all who participated in the contest this year, and congratulations to all 2023 awardees!

This contest would not be possible without the generous monetary donations from the Library Excellence Fund. Donors of the Library Excellence Fund allow supports a variety of  projects, activities, and programs at the UW Libraries.