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Commons Computer Lab

 The HSL Commons will be under construction, April - December 2024.  Look for our re-opening in January 2025.

HSL Commons Computer Lab

Mission: Support the educational missions of the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Social Work.

Location: Health Sciences Library, upper level, Room T334, Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Building T-Wing

Funding: Hardware and software in The Commons Computer Lab is generously supported by the Student Technology Fee.

History: Evolution of the Health Sciences Library Commons (1985 - Present)

Usage Policies

Policies governing use of the space include the UW Libraries Computer Use Policy, the UW Libraries Code of Conduct, and other University and state rules and regulations.

Users must have a UW NetID with current UW student, faculty or staff status to use computers in the Commons Computer Lab.

Food is not allowed in the Commons Computer Lab computer areas. Covered beverages are allowed. See the UW Libraries Food and Beverage Policy for more information.

Stations marked as priority for handicapped use, or for the use of scanners, may be claimed at any time for their intended use.

Do not save files on Commons Computer Lab computers. Copying files to a network account is the preferred method of saving work.

Visitors can obtain a temporary UW NetID to connect to wireless in the library. Please visit the HSL Information Desk for assistance.

Laser printing is self-service and must be paid with a Husky Card; if you are a visitor who doesn’t have a Husky Card, you may obtain a Dawg Prints card from any Library Information Desk. See Printing & Scanning for more information.

Instructional Support & Classroom Information

Four computer classrooms—A, B, C, and the Library Teaching Lab (LTL)—allow health sciences instructors to teach with multimedia and networked computer resources, with provisions for students to work hands-on with a computer on their own or in groups. Various capacities and workstation arrangements accommodate different teaching styles. Contact lab manager Paul Ludecke or email for more information.

All classrooms are equipped with:

  • High color projection system/SmartBoard with speaker system connect to instructor station
  • Whiteboard
  • Ethernet
  • Available Hardware & Software

The following equipment is also available. Please request equipment when making reservations to ensure availability.

  • Network port and setup help for instructor laptop
  • Speaker podium
  • Portable amplifier with microphone
  • Easel
  • Extra chairs
  • USB microphone and audio recording software

Reservation Rates

Service fees are charged for the staff time involved to support non-instructional events. To reserve classrooms for instructional use, please contact the Commons Computer Lab by directly emailing or Paul Ludecke ( to discuss availability.

Classrooms A-C & Library Teaching Lab:

  • $50 for each classroom per day during University business hours (M-F 8-5) for other uses, e.g. exams
  • No charge for instructional use by Health Sciences Schools and UW Medicine (additional fees apply for loading software or data)

Open Area:

  • $100 per day during University business hours (M-F 8-5) for exams and other events
  • Not available for instructional use

Rates include assistance with computer certification, exam software loading and troubleshooting. They do not include loading other software, exam proctoring or purchase of software.

Additional Fees:

  • Reservations outside of University business hours (M-F 8-5): $100 per hour.
  • Cancellation fee: No charge if cancelled more than a week before the event; half of the total fees if cancelled less than a week before the event.
  • Make up exams involving fewer than 10 people will be given space at no charge during business hours. Standard rates will apply for larger groups or for makeup exams held outside of these hours.

Fees must be paid by UW budget number, no cash payments.


NOTICE:  The Commons will be unavailable from April - December 2024 due to renovation work.  We will not accept reservations for this period. We will continue to accept reservations that would take place in January 2025 or later.

To reserve the Commons Computer Lab for exams, please complete and submit the Commons Computer Lab Reservation Form.

Confirmation will be provided within 72 hours of request; your reservation is not guaranteed until confirmed via email.

Cancellations within a week before the event will be charged 50% of the rental fee.

Reservations are required for all events.  For other reservation types, questions, or more information, email

Usage Policies  |  Rates  |  Hardware & Software

Classroom A

  • Capacity: 40
  • 20 student PCs
  • Student stations arranged in 4 rows facing the instructor station
  • The wall between classrooms A and B can be opened to accommodate larger classes

Classroom B

  • Maximum capacity: 40
  • 20 student PCs
  • Student stations arranged in 4 rows facing the instructor station
  • The wall between classrooms A and B can be opened to accommodate larger classes

Classroom C

  • Capacity: 48
  • 24 student PCs
  • Student stations are arranged in six pods of four computers each

Library Teaching Lab (LTL)

  • Capacity: 24
  • 12 student PCs
  • Student stations are arranged around the perimeter of the room

Commons Open Area

  • 49 PCs
  • Access to the Lab is limited to current UW students, faculty, and staff.