August 23, 2023

Bring Open Scholarship Impact to Your Classroom & Research

Free Digital Scholarship Open Hosting Platforms from UW Libraries


We are happy to explore options for sharing your research and scholarship with these tools, or working with you to incorporate them into your teaching! We can offer consultation and classroom instruction on considerations for open student work, Creative Commons and licensing your digital work, and best practices for data management and developing consistent descriptions for items included in your work. See specific contacts for all three campuses under “USE THESE TOOLS”  at the bottom of this post!

The UW Libraries wants to support you and your students in creating knowledge and sharing it openly through digital means! We’re offering access to open hosting platforms that include Manifold Publishing (digital book publishing), Digital Scholarship Hosting (one-click installs of Omeka, WordPress, SPLOTs and more), and UW Pressbooks (for creating and adapting Open Educational Resources) as part of the Libraries’ permanent service offerings! These tools are open for use by any current UW student, faculty, or staff member.



How can YOU use these platforms to enhance your teaching and openly publish your research? Here are a few great examples highlighting the digital scholarship work of UW colleagues across all three campuses:

Manifold (Digital Book & Journal Publishing)

Explore additional UW Manifold projects (including University of Washington Press publications) or learn more about the nuts and bolts of digital book and journal publishing with Manifold.


Omeka (Digital Exhibits)

  • Entanglements: Mapping the History of Asian Migration onto Coast Salish Lands Interactive mapping project exploring migration and histories of Coast Salish and Asian American peoples created by former doctoral students Anna Nguyen and Madison Heslop.
  • Feminist Archive Exhibits
    Student-created exhibits highlighting artifacts in feminist archives that hold the histories of Black, Indigenous, and women of color, and marginalized women and LGBTQ+ people worldwide. Led by Dr. Julie Shayne, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Breathing in a Time of Disaster
    A neighborhood-mapped collection of improvised choral performance, installation and speculative writing focused on the unit of breath and developed from responses to crisis events. Led by Dr. Ching-In Chen, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences


WordPress (Digital Project Presentation)

  • Ocean Noise Explorer
    A research hub for Ocean Noise Explorer (ONE), a web-based interactive ocean soundscape platform that will enable users to visualize and explore a wide variety of underwater noise metrics and other related data products such as CTD and meteorology data. Hub includes documentation, visualization portal, and publications. Led by Dr. Shima Abadi, UW Bothell School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Becoming a Learner
    A reflection space in an open learning environment for students in a Learning Strategies course to post media and thoughts about their growth as students and learners. Led by Deborah Hathaway, Director of Teaching and Learning, UW Bothell
  • The Tacoma Belonging Project is the digital portfolio of student-created digital scholarship projects engaging the varied dimensions of belonging in Tacoma, and communities throughout the Puget Sound.  The TBP is the final project of the TURB 316: Cities and Belonging course within the School of Urban Studies at UW Tacoma led by assistant professor, Dr. Davon Woodard.
  • Toolkit for Student Success
    Analyses of local organizations that serve K-12 students, with student reviewers starting by acknowledging that individual positionalities and intersectionalities affect students’ learning chances.  Led by Dr. Sarita Shukla, UW Bothell School of Educational Studies


Pressbooks (Open Book Publishing)

  • Black Lives Matter Collective Storytelling Project is a multimedia cross-course collaboration that brings together students from both the TSOC 265: Race and Ethnicity in the United States and TCOM 347: Television Criticism and Application courses at UW Tacoma.
  • Jacob Lawrence in Seattle is a collection of essays researched and written by the participants in the Spring 2021 art history seminar “Art and Seattle: Jacob Lawrence” at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design
  • Badass Womxn and Enbies in the Pacific Northwest, Volume 2
    A student-authored celebration of 21 individuals doing important work in their diverse fields. Led by Dr. Julie Shayne, UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Explore additional UW Pressbooks and learn how to get started.

Survey previous Libraries’ blog posts on our digital scholarship infrastructure offerings:


Use These Tools

If you’re interested in learning more about these tools or working with them, please contact your campus digital scholarship lead:

  • UW Bothell: Denise Hattwig, Head of Digital Scholarship (
  • UW Seattle: Verletta Kern, Digital Scholarship Librarian (
  • UW Tacoma: Erika Bailey, Data and Digital Scholarship Librarian (
  • Pressbooks:
    • UW Bothell: Denise Hattwig, Head of Digital Scholarship (
    • UW Seattle: Lauren Ray, Open Education Librarian (
    • UW Tacoma: Marisa Pertrich, Instructional Design Librarian (