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UW Research: A Year of Open Data with Dryad

UW Libraries is happy to announce the one-year anniversary of its membership with the data repository Dryad! Our initial year saw both many deposits (see charts below) from UW researchers, as well as downloads from the research community at UW and beyond. We thought it would be fun to share some stats from this first year.

UW data deposits in Dryad had more than 8,064 downloads and 15,980 views! The charts below show the top 10 data sets by view, download and journal.

chart showing top downloads in Dryad
“I submitted my grant on Monday and just wanted to thank you again for providing these resources. The knowledge that UW is subscribing to Dryad, the info that Dryad provides in their Q&A, and the DMPTool were especially invaluable. So thank you so much again! You saved me so much time!” – Julie Crudele, Ph.D Acting Assistant Professor of Neurology
Dryad is the first open data publishing platform available to UW users. As a generalist repository, Dryad accepts data regardless of data type, format, content, or disciplinary focus. The UW Libraries implementation of Dryad aligns with the increasing advocacy of public research universities to provide for the open sharing of research data and outputs. This announcement also comes on the heels of the National Health Institute’s new data management and sharing policy which went into effect January 23rd.  Dryad is one of the Generalist Repositories recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

Did You Know?

For more information on how UW researchers can get started with the service, see our guide.  For more information, contact the Libraries Data Services Team,