UW Health Sciences Library



Adam Garrett, TRAIL Co-Manager, Health Sciences Library

Adam is the Director of Systems for the Health Sciences Library. He has many years of experience as a health sciences library professional in health sciences library, including as the technology coordinator for the Network of the National Library of Medicine. He has served as the project manager for the Response and Recovery App in Washington (RRAIN) mobile responsive website and iOS and Android apps and for HSL’s virtual reality project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


Bas de Veer, TRAIL Co-Manager, UW Medicine Research IT

Bas is the Biomedical Informatics Systems Manager at UW Medicine IT, specializing in bridging the gap between the worlds of medicine and informatics. He possesses more than a decade of experience in the areas of software implementation, training, user experience, and research consulting. He oversees a team that runs UW's local REDCap installation of more than 11,500 active users and provides research consultations on accessing the UW Medical Center's clinical data warehouse.

Lynly BeardLynly Beard, MLIS, Health Sciences Library

Lynly is the Research Impact and Social Work Librarian in the UW Health Sciences Library. She provides guidance on literature reviews, database selection, where to publish, and open access issues.


Ashleigh Lewis, UW Medicine Research IT

Ashleigh has been supporting researchers and their operations since 2010. She administers the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) REDCap installation, which is part of UW’s NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Science Award. Ashleigh is responsible for end-user training, REDCap consulting, and the day-to-day operations of the local REDCap installation, that serve more than 11,500 users. She started developing databases and assisting researchers on a more technical level in 2014 and progressed to producing REDCap databases shortly after.

Michael Moore, MISt, Health Sciences Library

Michael is the Grants Administration and Special Projects Librarian at the UW Health Sciences Library. He is responsible for identifying and coordinating applications for funding opportunities and supporting various projects across the Health Sciences Library and TRAIL, such as the virtual reality studio and REDCap ticket system. He provides hands-on training to clinicians and clinical researchers on using Leaf, UW’s home-grown cohort discovery tool.


Deric Ruhl, Health Sciences Library

Deric, the Health Sciences Library's Linux System Administrator, provides technical support to the TRAIL project. He served with the WebSTOC group, developing and maintaining the nnlm.gov web site from 2013 to 2016. He can offer assistance with Perl and Python scripting and provides consultation and troubleshooting regarding the data wall.

Executive Leadership


Tania Bardyn, MLIS, AHIP

Associate Dean for Health Sciences, UW Libraries
Director, Network of the National Library of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region


Sean D. Mooney, PhD

Chief Research Information Officer, UW Medicine
Professor, Department of Biomedical
Informatics & Medical Education

Tong Sun

Tong Sun, MS, MBA

Executive Director of Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS)
Assistant Dean, Translational Health Sciences