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Technology Tools

Technology Tools

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) has a library of technology tools that you can check out and use in the TRAIL space to explore and see if they would work well for your research project or clinical trial. Some of the tools that are available for check out are:

  • Amazon Echo, The Echo is being used more frequently in clinical trials to ease the burden of participants having to check in at the clinical trial site and being able to record data at home through their Echo device and having that data submitted electronically to the site. The Echo also has been used by Boston’s Childrens to have the Echo answer general questions about ailments. HSL has programmed their own skill into the Echo to give general information about the library, including who the librarians are and what areas they are liaisons to.
  • Samsung 360 Camera, The camera has been used before to record how-to videos for surgical cases and layout designs of hospital spaces. Check out the camera to design your own video.

All the tools in the library can be checked out for use in the TRAIL space and please indicate in your reservation request if you would like a technology expert to be present when you use these tools.

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