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Mobile App Dev Consults

Mobile App Dev Consultations

The Health Sciences Library will gladly assist you with your mobile app development project. Using the experience we gained from developing RRAIN, a mobile app for first responders in Washington state, we can help steer your way through creating a successful mobile app.

Our consultations can include:

  • Assistance with logo and icon development
  • Project website creation
  • Help getting the Xcode iOS SDK or Android Studio installed on your development workstation.
  • Conversation with you to help find a trusted app developer for either platform.
  • Advice on what devices you might need to help with development of your project. For example, iPhones or Android phones to test your product.
  • Help working with University of Washington IT to get your project published in the in the Apple App Store.

What we cannot do is help with the implementation of your project.

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