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The TRAIL Idea Incubator Space has six 55” LCD panels configured as a data wall. Participants can use each panel separately, all six panels as one screen, or as one large four-panel screen and two one-panel screens. An HSL technical expert can help set up and monitor the data wall during your meeting or event.

Each individual panel is 1920×1080 HD. The total resolution of the display is 5760×2160, offering more pixels than a 4K display.

A PC provided in the room can address the entire data wall as a single desktop. Use of this PC is required if you want all six panels to act as a single large screen. This configuration is ideally suited for data visualization and displaying web content.

The data wall also supports use of your own devices. Each device can drive one panel individually. One device can drive four of the panels as one large screen. Be aware that your own device will not be able to drive all six panels at once, due to aspect ratio and hardware constraints.

The data wall is also ideal for use as a collaborative workspace. Several devices can be connected simultaneously, each using some panels of the wall. The data wall currently supports HDMI and VGA inputs, and provides adapters to allow Mini DisplayPort devices. At this time the data wall does not yet support USB-C inputs, but this will be improved soon.

Be aware that PowerPoint presentations shown on the data wall will suffer somewhat for the narrow but still visible divisions between the screens, and will only display on four of the six panels due to having a normal aspect ratio. The Pacific Room is a superior presentation space.

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