UW Health Sciences Library


For general library information, call (206) 543-3390 or email hsl@uw.edu.

Department Phone Fax
Associate Dean & Director's Office 206-685-3299 206-543-3389
Administrative Services 206-543-5532 206-543-3389
Clinical Research & Data Services (CRDS) 206-543-3390 206-543-3389
Commons Computer Lab 206-543-1784 206-543-3389
Course Reserves, User Experience 206-543-3390 206-543-3389
HEALWA 206-221-2452 206-543-3389
ILL & Document Delivery Services 206-543-1878 NA
Information Desk, User Experience 206-543-3390 206-543-3389
Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) Region 5 206-543-8262 206-543-2469
Print & Electronic Resources 206-221-2452


Name Department Phone Email
Araki, Joy ILL & Document Delivery Services 206-221-3420 joieba@uw.edu
Araya, Hendeke Associate Dean & Director's Office 206-685-3299 arayah3@uw.edu
Atkins, Amber User Experience 206-543-5584 atkinsam@uw.edu
Bardyn, Tania Associate Dean of Health Sciences, UW Libraries
Director, NNLM Region 5
206-685-3299 bardyn@uw.edu
Beard, Lynly Research Impact and Social Work Librarian 206-543-9267 lynly@uw.edu
Burroughs, Catherine Executive Director, NNLM Region 5 206-543-9261 cburroug@uw.edu
DeSantis, Leah Public Health and Research Services 206-616-1106 desa3413@uw.edu
Devine, Patricia Director, Community Outreach and HEALWA 206-221-2452 devine@uw.edu
Enslow, Electra Director, Clinical Research & Data Services 206-543-3409 electrae@uw.edu
Garrett, Adam Director, Systems 206-616-4142 garrett@uw.edu
Gascon, Leslie Collection and Research Services Librarian 206-616-6601 lesj@uw.edu
Guerrero, Lisa Grants Manager, NNLM Region 5 206-616-0798 guerrl@uw.edu
Hamstra, Emily Assistant Director, NNLM Region 5 206-543-5112 ehamstra@uw.edu
Holt, Margaret Health Sciences and Active Edge Library Supervisor 206-221-5637 mjuneh@uw.edu
Jewell, Teresa Systematic Review and Research Services Librarian 206-543-3408 tejewell@uw.edu
Kirk, Kerry HEALWA, Health Sciences Library Web Specialist, Systems 206-221-3414 klkirk@uw.edu
Ludecke, Paul Senior Computing Specialist, Systems 206-685-8994 ludes@uw.edu
Maloy, Caitlin Nursing and Research Services Librarian 206-221-7425 cmaloy@uw.edu
Martin, Carolyn Outreach and Education Coordinator, NNLM Region 5 206-221-3449 martinc4@uw.edu
McDonald, Meryl Print & Electronic Resources 206-221-3402 memc@uw.edu
McNally, Mary Martha Administrative Services 206-543-3402 mcnalm2@uw.edu
Moore, Michael Grants Administration and Special Projects Librarian, Systems 206-221-9010 mtmoore@uw.edu
Morris, Liz Outreach & Access Coordinator, NNLM Region 5 elizar@uw.edu
Palek-Zahn, Jesse ILL Lending Supervisor 206-685-0848 jpzahn@uw.edu
Pendleton, Val Administrative Services Assistant 206-543-5532 ahamman@uw.edu
Rind, Sara User Experience 206-543-2150 srind24@uw.edu
Romansic, Maddie Project Analyst and Communications Specialist, NNLM Region 5 206-221-3400 mer3@uw.edu
Ruhl, Deric Systems 206-685-2167 ruhld@uw.edu
Stieber, Frank User Experience 206-221-3418 stiebf@uw.edu
Thayil, Sarita Print & Electronic Resources 206-221-3043 sthayil@uw.edu
Torp, Kristi Project Specialist, NNLM Region 5 206-543-8262 ktorp@uw.edu
Vuong, Hanson ILL & DDS South Technician 206-221-3041 hanvuong@uw.edu