UW Health Sciences Library


  • Apple iMacs
  • Windows PCs
  • Black and white laser printing
  • Flatbed scanners
  • Large screen monitors
  • Disability accessible state

PC Software

Software Name & Version Purpose Vendor
7Zip Open source Windows utility for manipulating archive files 7Zip.org
Access 2016
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Open Adobe PDF documents Adobe
ArcGIS & Tools
Audacity Audio recording and editing software Open source software
DjVuLibre Images & PDF tool DjVu
Excel 2016 Create Spreadsheets Microsoft
FileZilla Free FTP Client FileZilla
Firefox Web browser mozilla.org
GIMP Open source photo editing tool
Google Chrome Web browser Google
Google Earth Pro Google
ImgBurn Disk burning
Microsoft Edge Web browser Microsoft
Notepad++ Text editor
OneDrive Cloud storage client Microsoft
OneNote 2016 Note taking app Microsoft
Powerpoint 2016 Microsoft
Project 2016 Microsoft
Publisher 2016 Microsoft
PuTTy Free implementation of Telnet and SSH, along with an xterm terminal emulator PuTTy
R Free software environment for statistical computing and graphics The R Project for Statistical Computing
RStudio IDE for R RStudio
Texmaker Open source LaTeX editor XM1 Math
VLC Open source media player VideoLAN.org
Visio 2016 Microsoft
Word 2016 Word processor Microsoft
Various Disability Software Balabolka, Claro, FSReader, Fusion, JAWS, ZoomText

Mac Software

Software Name & Version Purpose Vendor
Audacity Free, open source software for recording and editing sounds Audacity
Eponyms Medical dictionary Ossus GmbH
FileZilla Free FTP Client FileZilla
Firefox Web Browser mozilla.org
Garage Band Music recording software. Apple
Google Chrome Web browser Google
Google Drive Cloud storage client Google
HandBrake Open source transcoder for digital video files HandBrake
Image Capture Enables users to upload pictures from digital cameras or scanners Apple
iBooks Digital book reader Apple
iMovie Movie creation software Apple
Keynote Presentation and slideshow software Apple
Microsoft Office Excel Create spreadsheets Microsoft
Microsoft Office OneNote Create notes Microsoft
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Create presentations and slideshows Microsoft
Microsoft Office Word Word processor Microsoft
Omni Graffle Diagramming The Omni Group
OneDrive Cloud storage client Microsoft
Pages Word processing software Apple
R Free software environment for statistical computing and
The R Project for Statistical Computing
R Studio IDE for R RStudio
Safari Web browser Apple
Tableau Public Data visualization tool Tableau
Text Wrangler Text Editor Bare Bones Software
The Unarchiver Archive unpacker designed to handle several formats Apple
VLC Open source media VideoLAN.org

Information for Instructors

If you plan an assignment using either existing Lab software or your personal software, please contact Paul Ludecke, lab manager, to discuss your needs. This is important even if you have used the software previously, since a new version may have been installed, or the configuration or location may have changed since the last time you used the software. Keeping us informed of your software needs helps us direct students to the correct software for their course and helps us plan future workstation configurations.

The Commons Lab staff can install and configure software for course use, and will also install data files for class exercises. Contact us as early as possible if you need software installed. There is a fee for this service. Installation of course-specific software or files are subject to the approval of the Lab Manager. Installation on lab machines should be regarded as a last resort method. Preferred methods would be distribution via the web or on departmental-based servers, giving students the widest possible access.

US copyright and licensing laws cover software. You must provide evidence of ownership (original manuals or disks, license, or registration) before instructor-owned software can be installed.