UW Health Sciences Library

The Commons is located on the third floor of the T Wing within the Health Sciences Library. The Commons is primarily funded by UW Health Sciences Library and the Student Technology Fee.

Policies governing use of the space include the UW Libraries Computer Use Policy , the Libraries Code of Conduct , and other University and state rules and regulations .

For specific questions about computer usage in the Commons, see the policies below or contact Paul Ludecke, Lab Manager, ludes@uw.edu.

Commons Computers

  • You must have a UW NetID with current UW student, faculty or staff status to use computers in the Commons Computer Lab.
  • Computers in the classrooms may be reserved for instructional use.
  • A variety of hardware and software is available.
  • There is an instructor station in each classroom. These may be used by students, but an instructor may claim the station to prepare for a class.
  • Stations left unattended may be shut down and reassigned by the lab assistant.
  • Stations marked as priority for handicapped use, or for the use of scanners, may be claimed at any time for their intended use.


  • Laser printing is self-service and must be paid with a Husky Card or Dawg Prints card.
  • Dawg Prints cards may be purchased with cash from the card dispenser near the second floor copiers.

Saving Files

Do not save files on the Commons computers. Copying files to a network account is the preferred method of saving work. USB ports for USB memory drives are available on all computers.

Appropriate Use

Do not load software on the Commons computers. This may violate copyright law/license agreements, uses valuable disk space, and risks spreading computer viruses. Exceptions may only be made after discussion with the Lab Manager.

Learning Commons software is protected by United States copyright law and/or license agreements. Making copies is prohibited.

Health-related material is sometimes graphic and may make some users uncomfortable. Please respect their concerns when viewing such material by choosing the least visible workstation or turning your monitor away from others.

Lab Assistants

Lab assistants are scheduled in the Commons during selected hours. Lab assistants provide basic support for use of lab resources, and can answer brief questions. They have a broad knowledge of lab resources, but do not have detailed knowledge of any specific program.  Software help and tutorials can be found within software packages or online.

Lab assistants do:

  • answer brief questions regarding the use of lab resources (computers, printers, programs)
  • clear the lab before a class arrives
  • assist instructors with setting up classroom projection systems

Lab assistants do not:

  • provide extensive help with specific software packages
  • teach how to use a program
  • answer questions related to course content

If your students need instruction on using software, consider conducting a class in the Commons. Teaching assistants may schedule TA led classes in the Commons to help students use software for course assignments. TAs may not book spaces for office hours.  Please contact the Lab Manager to talk about scheduling.

Food and Beverages

Food and uncovered beverages are prohibited in the Commons due to risk of damage to the equipment. If you bring food or an uncovered beverage into the lab, you will be asked to put it away or discard it.