UW Health Sciences Library

HSL Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Committee


Kelly Anderson
School of Dentistry

Tania Bardyn, Chair
HSL Director

K’la Benson
School of Dentistry

Amy Cizik, MPH
School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research
Policy Program (PORPP)

Michael Duyzend, MD, PhD student
School of Medicine
Department of Genome Sciences
Eichler Laboratory, Foege Bldg

Michele LeRoux, PhD student
School of Medicine
Molecular & Cellular Biology Program
Microbiology Department, Mougous Laboratory

Lisa Milton, RN, BSN, LMP, CD(DONA)
School of Nursing
Graduate Nurse-Midwifery Program

Boris Reiss
School of Public Health
Department of Environmental & Occupational Sciences

Jessica Rodriguez-Jenkins, PhD student
School of Social Work


Ann Gleason (Systems)

Mary Van Court (Library access & hours)

Nanette Welton (Print & Electronic Resources)