UW Health Sciences Library

HSL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

As the Health Sciences Library staff and health information professionals, we can play a major role at UW Libraries, UW Medicine, and the health sciences schools in demonstrating our commitment and dedication to anti-racism in our library. Similar to the UW School of Medicine, we recognize that systemic racism has caused harm within our community. We are aware of the past, our actionable steps in the present, and our interest in repair and educating ourselves towards creating a better future at the Health Sciences Library and in the collections and services we provide to faculty, staff, students, and the community.

Together, we seek to address systemic racism at the institutional and personal level, with changes in policies, practices, expectations, and mechanism of accountability. We need localized efforts in our library to improve the learning, teaching, and working environment for our entire 30+ staff and community.

UW HSL’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee will spearhead initiatives and undertake organizing training and craft a collection policy statement for use by HSL, HEALWA, and NNLM staff to take concrete, proactive, and continuous anti-racist action.


  • Review, discuss, and implement relevant recommendations from the Decriminalizing the UW Libraries Working Group (UW Libraries, February 2021).
  • Organize, publicize and host antiracism training for all HSL staff by August 30, 2021, that follows the Training section of the Decriminalizing the UW Libraries Working Group report.
  • Update the emergency checklist.
  • Develop a process of reflection for HSL to use following serious incidents.
  • Develop and present to HSL staff a process for reviewing HSL and HEALWA e-book collections for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Develop a list of HSL library staff who will serve as contacts to the campus and community organizations outlined in Partnerships & Advocacy recommendations from the Decriminalizing the
    UW Libraries Working Group.
  • Determine how HSL Clinical and Research Data Services (CRDS) and Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) librarians will incorporate anti-racism into teaching programs and consultations for the six health sciences schools, UW Medicine, and the NNLM.
  • Adapt the Decriminalizing UW Libraries Working Group resource list for HSL use at the service points and update the HSL website.
  • Develop a standard presentation slide(s) to incorporate the UW Libraries Land Acknowledgement Statement in future HSL, HEALWA, and NNLM presentations.

Committee Membership

Pat Devine   Director, HEALWA and Community Outreach (Chair and Management Team member)
Amber Atkins   Library Technician Lead
Latosha Correll   Health Sciences Library
Leslie Gascon   Public Health & Collection Librarian
Caitlin Maloy   Nursing and Research Services Librarian
Carolyn Martin   Consumer Health Coordinator
Sara Rind   User Experience Technician
Nancy Shin   Research and Data Coordinator


For more information, please contact HSL DEI Committee Chair Pat Devine.