UW Health Sciences Library

November 28, 2018

DynaMed Plus is Replacing DynaMed

The clinical point-of-care resource, DynaMed, is being replaced by DynaMed Plus.  As in the previous version, DynaMed Plus content is written by physicians who have synthesized the best available evidence to provide summaries and recommendations.  Please update your bookmarks.

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) in DynaMed Plus will be available December 17.
  • CME can be tracked in your personal account.
  • Content covers a wide spectrum of medical specialties, including infectious diseases, pediatrics, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology, critical care, and many others.
  • Incorporates Micromedex drug content.
  • Improved search interface, including quick access to relevant images and calculators.
  • Available via mobile app.

Interested in group training?  Please contact Joanne Rich.