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All Health Science Databases

  • TERIS (Teratogen Information System)
       Expert guidance on the pregnancy risks of medications and other environmental exposures including infections and vaccines.
  • Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy
       Human anatomy illustrations
  • Think Tank Search
       Google custom search of think tanks and research centers; grey literature search.
  • Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
       Set of publicly available databases containing information on releases of specific toxic chemicals and their management as waste, as reported annually by U.S. industrial and federal facilities.
  • TOXLINE (Toxicology Literature Online) in PubMed
       Articles, books, technical reports, and proceedings covering toxicological, pharmacological, biochemical, and physiological effects of drugs and other chemicals, through PubMed.
  • TreeBASE
       Relational database of phylogenetic trees and data matrices, with information about the relevant publication, taxa, morphological and sequence-based characters, and published analyses, designed to allow retrieval of trees and data from different studies so that existing phylogenetic results may be reassessed, compared, combined and reused.
  • Trip Database
       Clinical research evidence summaries, guidelines, and articles.
  • Tropical Plant Database
       Amazon rainforest plant database containing taxonomy data, phytochemical information, ethnobotanical data, uses in traditional medicine systems, and links to clinical research abstracts.