UW Health Sciences Library

September 11, 2018

ConceptualEyes Product Demo – Wednesday, September 12, 10 a.m.

Health Sciences Graduate Students and Medical Residents, join us in the Health Sciences Library to learn more about ConceptualEyes!

On Wednesday, September 12, the UW Health Sciences Library will host an interactive demonstration of ConceptualEyes, a knowledge discovery engine designed to accelerate research discovery. The ConceptualEyes team will walk through examples, including ones that the audience might suggest, to illustrate how the tool works, answer questions from the audience, and provide one-on-one help and guidance.

Product Information

“ConceptualEyes accelerates discovery from months to minutes as a novel hyper-converged explainable artificial intelligence (AI) platform that offers data, software and platform services for knowledge extraction, integration and discovery. It is an AI platform that offers researchers the ability to explore the what-is, connect the what-if, conceptualize the what-else and hypothesize the what-could-be.”

Who: All are welcome, although the presentation will be designed specifically for health sciences graduate students and medical residents.

When: Wednesday, September 12th, 2018, 10am -11am (demo)/11am – 12pm (discussion)

Where: Health Sciences Library, Pacific Room, T229